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H&K Swimwear Exclusive Pre-Order!



H&K Swimwear will be launching a preorder this May for a limited time, only available to those who have subscribed to the H&K Mailing List.

H&K Swimwear wants to thank our supporters for following along with us on this journey. We want our biggest supporters to have their first pick of our limited inventory.  Therefore, a preorder code will be emailed to the H&K Mailing List. Only those with the code will have access to the preorder.

Can I join the H&K Mailing List now?

Of course! We will provide the preorder code to the entire H&K Mailing List until the event.

Can I share the code with friends?

Please do! Your friends and family will want access. Share this post and tell them to join the H&K Mailing List.






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