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For every purchase, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to one of the three charities below. 

Read about each one and pick the charity you wish to donate to at checkout.




The mission of O.U.R. is the permanent eradication of child sex trafficking through coordinated rescue and recovery planning. A team of former CIA, Navy SEALS, and Special Ops coordinate with law enforcement to perform extraction operations to rescue the victims. Once rescued, a comprehensive process involving justice for the perpetrators and recovery and rehabilitation for the survivors begins. In the past three years of its existence, Operation Underground Railroad has rescued 653 victims and assisted in the arrests of more than 275 traffickers around the world.



DOGM rescues dogs and cats in high kill shelters and flies them to areas where they are more adoptable such as Denver.  Around 40-150 animal passengers board one flight. By flying these dogs and cats out of overpopulated shelters to their furever home, it also allows the shelters they came from to have the space for additional dogs. DOGM has saved around 6,000 animal lives that would have otherwise been euthanized but now have a loving family and home.




CLI's mission is to build sustainable communities in Africa, where hope thrives and legacies of opportunity are created, breaking the generational cycle of poverty. Traditional aid relief (shipments of food) only brings up generations of people to rely on others for their daily bread – keeping them locked in a cycle of poverty. Child Legacy International functions to break that cycle by requiring participation from the local populations in the areas in which they work – so that the local people have ownership in the development and fortification of their own communities. Guided by the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Child Legacy International provides a future of opportunity for the people of Africa by facilitating access to clean water, proper nutrition, medical care, education and training. By empowering individuals and families with the vital resources they need, they are able to make a lasting impact in their communities and change the nation as a whole.